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We are very pleased to announce the opening of a friendly school in your neighbourhood where our aim is to provide a happy and secure environment in which your child will develop emotionally ,socially and intellectually under the guidance of qualified,experienced and caring staff. The school is well equipped with adequate classroom space and an adjacent playground,to cater to the students of all age groups who will be educated through a synthesized teaching system,based on traditional and modern techniques. We shall ensure that styles of teaching match the children's different levels of understanding and stimulate each child to make the best possible progress. We believe that educated is a partnership between home and school and we place a great deal of emphasis on our partnership with parents. Children learn best when home and school work together. Parents are always welcome at the B & B International School. Please do not hesitate to telephone or visit whenever you have a query concerning the welfare or progress of your child.
1. School admits children from play group (Nursery)to Kinder-Garten (LKG/UKG-Age group 3.5 years) and Class to VII.
2. Admission has started.
3. Admission is open for boys and girls irrespective of their social.economical and religious status.
4. Parents seeking admission for their wards are required to appear for a Counseling/Meeting with Principle/Authority as date prescribed to them by authorities.
5. If parent/guardian decied not to send his ward to school after fees has been deposited,the amount paid shall not be refunded in any case.In all matters relating to admission,the decission of Director will be final and binding.
Our aim is to impart sound liberal education to boys and girls during their impressionable years type of education that would lay stress on character building,team work,esprit-de-corps,physical development and to infuse in the a spirit a adventure,fair play and justice.we aim to : Develop among our students a feeling of pride in indian culture and produce citizens who be truly Indian and will be above social,communal,religious or provincial prejudices
1. Students should attend the school regularly.They must be in school at least 5 minutes before the morning assembly.
2. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without permission.
3. Students who comes to school on their own should reach the school well inn time before the morning assembly.
4. A Students who comes to school premises with his/her escorts should not leave the school premises before the escort comes. In case delay in his/her coming.he/she should contaact the school Principal/office.
5. For insolence, indecent behaviour,cheating in examination,the defaulters will be issued a BlackCard.Issues of the Black Card can result in the explusion from the school.